Republican candidates vying for Yuma County District 5 Supervisor

YUMA, Ariz. –  There are four candidates vying for Yuma County District 5 Supervisor, and two of those candidates identify with the Republican party.

Connie Uribe is one of the Republican candidates, and she’s focusing on limiting government involvement in Yuma County. “I want to be sure that the government stays out of our lives,” states Uribe. “We can see the deterioration in our education system. The government is trying to control our water rights. The government is trying to take away our sovereignty.”

The second Republican candidate is Don Scarff, and a priority for him is protecting Yuma’s water rights. “Fighting like crazy for Yuma, for the water district,”stresses Scarff. “A lot of people are trying to get our water.”

As a doctor of over 40 years, healthcare reform is another priority for Uribe, and again she stresses government limitation. “Physicians now are just inundated with government regulations,” states Uribe. “We have to get away from that. You know, we’re a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, and the people need liberty.”

In addition to introducing their multiple proposed policies for Yuma County, both Republican candidates stress the reasons why Yuma residents should trust them as District 5 Supervisor.

“I’m a good listener and I’m a hard worker,” shares Scarff. “I don’t have all these big connections all around the country so I don’t owe anybody any favors.”

“I will cross the aisle and I will listen. I will cross the aisle and I will discuss. I will cross the aisle and I will educate,” stresses Uribe. “But I will never cross the aisle and compromise your constitutional rights.”

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