Republican Kelli Ward running for U.S. Senate urges Senator McCain to retire

Republican Kelli Ward running for U.S. Senate urges Senator McCain to retire

YUMA, Ariz. – Republican Kelli Ward who is running for U.S. Senate held a meeting Thursday night at Community Christian Church where she took several questions from the public. Ward believes the people in the desert southwest aren’t being heard and that this is a two way street where communication is missing within the government.

She also mentions that she wouldn’t want to be in office for more than two terms because there are newer and fresher faces that need to be in office and everyone should be able to share their thoughts and ideas.

Ward adds, “Right now we’re learning who are going to have the energy that is necessary to take the country the right way. And so if I stay forever then they don’t have the chance to serve and I think the more people who have the chance to serve the better it is for our country.” 

She believes Senator John McCain needs to retire and let other people have a chance as U.S. Senate.

Ward adds, “Unfortunately 33 years in Washington, D.C. changes a person and I think it’s changed Senator McCain.”

Border security and to stop illegal immigration ward mentions is on the top of her list of priorities. She tells us why she believes she’d be a great fit for our community.

Ward said, “Whenever I’m running, I’m running to be the voice of the people. I’m running to actually be you in Washington, D.C. so I’m hoping that people will see that spark, see the energy and see that I am competent, qualified and capable and ready to take the reigns of Washington, D.C. and take this country in the right direction.”

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