Residents offered longer stay at RV park

ANDRADE, Calif. – Sleepy Hollow RV Park tenants are still facing eviction at the end of August. However, the Quechan tribe says they can stay longer if they purchase space at a new RV park.

Residents reached out to us saying they received a letter last week about a new family-friendly RV park that will open near the end of September. They were told if they choose to live at the new park, their stay at Sleepy Hollow could be extended past the  eviction date.

Mimmie Clark, one of the residents says, “We were allowed to stay here until the 24th if we are planning on moving to this trailer park.”

Residents say it’s too expensive at the new park and it will not fix their problem, “It doesn’t make any difference, the prices are way higher than what we pay now.”

The new park would charge $125 more than what residents pay now. Clark says most tenants won’t be able to afford the new spaces because they are live off fixed incomes.

“A lot of these people are disabled, they can’t move and it’s so hot,” says Clark, “Some of these people are tearing their houses down and they can’t be out there more than 15 minutes.”

Clark says even if they do stay on the property until the end of September, their trailers could still be taken from them and some are too old to move.

Clark says, “Mine, I believe, is a ‘68 and it has to be like a ‘78 so mine can’t be moved and I’m definitely not going to leave it there and have them take it over.” 

Residents have tried to speak with the Quechan about the eviction but have not heard back. Clark says they don’t want to fight the tribe on this unless it’s their last resort.

“They are just going to pick up and go and not put a fight on, we are going to put a fight on them this is not right, we are human beings like anybody else and we have a right to be acknowledged as everybody else,” says Clark.



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