Residents react to GOP debate

YUMA. Ariz. – Wednesday night was the 2nd GOP national debate, this time on CNN. The 11 top polling candidates were together on the same stage to discuss various hot topic issues for the main broadcast, the lower four polling candidates had an early debate.

We spoke to many residents in Yuma who had very diverse opinions about who they would like to see in the white house. Resident Kristina Owens says “I think it’s a big circus”. With Yuma being close to the Mexican border immigration was a topic several residents were very passionate about. Resident Claudia Sanders says “I’m Mexican i feel yes people come to this country but they need to do it the right way the legal way”.  The republican front runner Donald Trump has sparked outrage across the country due to his views on immigration, evening sparking protests just before the debate. When asking residents about Donald Trump many were not supportive of him, “He went to one of the greatest colleges ,universities actually but i think he’s a complete idiot” says Sanders and Owens says I think he’d be good if he manages his temper.”  And several residents want to encourage everyone no matter who they support to go out and vote.


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