RNC comes to an end, local leaders share their visit

YUMA, Ariz- The Republican National Convention has came to an end in Cleveland, Ohio. We got to catch up with some of our local leaders who attended the event on what it was like these past few days.

Yuma County Supervisor Russ Clark for District 3 said RNC exceeded his expectations.

Clark adds, “The event itself was much different than anything I had ever seen on TV. Obviously this is my first one but the speakers were more intense they weren’t just favorite sons. They stepped into topics that had been tabooed in the past such as race or gender or those kinds of issues that need to be talked about.”

Clark said Trump didn’t shy away from any topics and neither did any of the speakers.

Clark adds, “They talked about not just that there’s issues but that there’s solutions. They talked about a direction and policies that he wants to get into.”

When asked about Melania Trump’s speech, Clark said he think it’ll be brushed under the rug and Trump shouldn’t be penalized for a speech writers mistake.

“I think the Melania thing is a little blown out of proportion. Yes, it absolutely was gleamed from Michelle’s which Melania said she admired Michelle. She’s a wife and I guess to put so much attention on the mistake of the speech writers is probably going to pass him. Maybe not, but I think it will.”

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