Rollover sends twenty-four to the hospital

Rollover sends twenty-four to the hospital

Winter visitor, Bud Sadegur said, “l fell on top of a lady and there was a guy pinned under her.”

It was the last thing Bud Sadegur expected. An agricultural tour literally took a turn for the worst Thursday morning.

Sadegur said, “We had to make a turn and all of a sudden the bus fell over on its left side.”

The crash happened before 10 o’clock while touring the celery fields, near avenue 6E and county 3rd street, as part of the Field to Feast tour.

Sadegur said, ‘There was a lot of screaming; people were terrified.”

Medics took multiple people to Yuma Regional Medical Center and a Phoenix hospital for a range of injuries.

Yuma County Sherrif’s Department Alfonso Zavala said, “We’ve got command staff and captains on scene that are taking command, taking control, they’re the ones organizing it all making sure everyone’s accounted for its a great thing. We have this radio system so we can all communicate with each other.”

Sadegur said, “The sherrif’s department ambulances showed up helicopters showed up then Marine Corps, so it was quite exciting One passenger says even the tour guide suffered injuries, but the situation could have been much worse.

Rural Metro Charly McMurdie said, “Well, if we are lucky there are minor injuries, maybe some scrapes and bumps and bruises, but the reality is, it could be fatal.” Sadegur says the response time was very quick, but the farm workers are the ones to thank.

Sadegur said, “They were rushed over to help and if anyone deserves any credit it was them. They grabbed a big sledge hammer and busted out the front window so the people in the front of the bus could get out.>

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