Rural/Metro hiking safety

Rural/Metro hiking safety

YUMA, Ariz. – With four hiking deaths over the weekend do to extreme heat in Arizona Rural/Metro Fire Department wants to remind hikers to be smart when going out during the summer.

Charly McMurdie with Rural/Metro says the simple answer is to not hike when temperatures are this extreme. McMurdie says even experienced hikers have suffered heat exhaustion in the summer.

“Even if you are a seasoned hiker and you believe you can hike anything, keep in mind that even five degrees more than what they temperature is outside can be life threatening,” says McMurdie.

If you do decide to hike on one of the trails in the Desert Southwest here are some tips you need to consider: Check the weather and temperatures before heading out, bring someone with you when hiking, plenty of water, do not stray from the hiking trail and also bring a cell phone with you in case an emergency occurs.

Rural/Metro have responded to emergency calls at Telegraph pass in Yuma. Air evacuations have also been conducted with the help of Yuma County Sheriff’s Office and MCAS Yuma.

McMurdie says even if you are prepared for the hike, you could still be in danger,  “You might be coming down with a cold or even slightly dehydrated those play a huge factor.”



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