Salton Sea steadily drying up


Saving the Salton Sea continues to be a big discussion for the Imperial Irrigation District and Imperial County. However, officials say they need to take action before problems start occurring down the road.

Officials say by 2017, water will be mitigated away from the Salton Sea and the lake will begin to dry up.

It will affect not only the thousands of fish that live in the lake, but also the birds that go to the Salton Sea in the winter. Officials also say if the lake dries out, more dust will be in the air and will affect the surrounding communities.

A plan was set a few years back to restore the lake but it cost $9 billion. People said that it was too much and delayed the plan. Until last year when the Pacific Institute did a study and said if nothing is done, it would cost $70 billion to fix the problem.

The current plan that IID and Imperial County have now would cost a little less than $4 billion dollars and would help rehabilitate the wildlife in the area as well as create jobs.

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