Same sex marriage couples speak out about new law to adopt

Same sex marriage couples speak out about new law to adopt

YUMA,AZ- Last week Governor Doug Ducey ordered agencies to allow gay couples to foster or adopt children. 

Married same-sex couples can now adopt and foster Arizona children together after governor Doug Ducey ordered a state agency to allow it.

Doug Jennings lives in Yuma with his partner. They’ve been together for almost 20 years and counting.

Jennings says when they first heard the news that they were able to adopt. They were a bit skeptical…

Doug Jennings, “But once it came for sure and definite…then it’s time to rejoice and be happy.”

Jennings says he and his partner have been interested in adopting for many years now and they’re glad they finally can.

Jennings adds, “There’s a lot of children out there that need good loving homes but then they’re going to deny people just because of their personal life. I mean the kids are losing out and now finally with this new law. The kids are getting a home that they deserve.”

Although, Jennings is in no rush to adopt of foster a child.

Jennings says, “Once we get ourselves finacially set where we could give love to a child then we’re going to start the paper work and look into it.”>

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