San Luis Middle School takes first in Arizona Rubik’s Cube challenge

SAN LUIS, Ariz. – They might live in a small border town but these kids won big.  San Luis Middle School students beat out all of Arizona in a challenge called “You Can Do The Rubik’s Cube”.

“San Luis, Gadsden School District, is a small school district here in south county. So you’d be surprised by how much talent our kids have and i always tell our teachers every child has a special skill and we need to find that talent,”  Rafael Sanchez, Principal San Luis Middle School.

With that talent, the group solved 25 Rubik’s Cubes as a team in just over two minutes. Coach Shashikant Tiwari started the club five years ago and says there is more than meets the eye when solving the colorfully, cubed riddle.

“It’s also related with the math curriculum. It is something which teaches students problem solving skills. And also it’s algorithm. So these two skills are tied to math,” said Tiwari.  The group challenges each other, and with time one of their own became the fastest not only in their club, but state-wide. Eighth-grader Adrian Villegas put San Luis on the map after he solved the cube in a record 28.9 seconds. Winning by one-tenth of a second. Other students say they joined the club because of the sense of accomplishment.

Eighth-grader Gerardo Mendivo said, “This was my dream to bring the trophy. I always wanted a trophy since the fifth-grade and I finally got it.”

Annay Romo, also an eighth-grader, said,”Not that many girls compete so i wanted to be one of the girls that competes. It feels good.” This isn’t the school’s first championship win . Each year since 2010 they’ve won at least top two. C0ach Tiwari says dedication is key. “Everyday they used to come to me during lunch time and even I skipped lunch for the whole year.”

Skipping lunch sure paid off.

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