San Luis Middle School wrestling team adds first female wrestler

San Luis Middle School wrestling team adds first female wrestler

YUMA, Ariz- San Luis Middle School can officially say that they now have the first female wrestler to represent their school.

This young lady is quite the superstar in the making. She tells us that she enjoys being tough and her family is glad she’s doing what she loves.

Jennifer Peralta, a 7th grader at San Luis Middle School said, “My dad, he’s really, really proud. It’s like the dream boy that every parent wants.”

Peralta says she’s always loved pets and wanted to become a veterinarian, but once she started boxing is when her path took a turn.

Peralta says, “I wanted to be an athlete like three years ago. But when I was little since I’m obsessed with animals I always said I’ll be a veterinarian. Then I joined boxing and all that changed.”

Peralta’s father said, “My daughter was saying when she started boxing that she knew she loved sports. So when it was time for her I said if she wanted to join I’ll help her and she did and then she liked it and here I am.”

Even though Peralta has two brothers, neither of them were interested wrestling. Peralta mentions it was her dad that encouraged her and pushed her to become a wrestler. She says her family is very proud and she hopes to pursue wrestling in the future.

Peralta adds, “People from my team are actually calling me Ronda Rousey but yeah I can see this as something in my future. Being athletic and really tough is something I would really enjoy doing.”

Having already wrestled in several matches. Peralta says most of her matches have been against a male competitor and she’s only fought three ladies so far. Peralta’s father says no matter what path she takes in life. He’ll support her all the way.

Mr. Peralta said, “If she loves what she’s doing now I’ll follow her and help her with whatever. If she doesn’t want to do it later on I’ll support her in whatever and anything that she wants.”


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