San Luis now providing ambulance services

SAN LUIS, Ariz. – Three weeks ago the San Luis Fire Department received approval from the Arizona Department of Health Services after filing a certificate of need for their own ambulance services, now San Luis can operate their own ambulances. Until now the city of San Luis has outsourced the services to other agencies, Rural Metro until 2006 then the Somerton-Cocopah Fire Department from 2009 till today. Somerton-Cocopah Fire Department chief Paul De Anda says, “San Luis has grown exponentially beyond us they should have here own service now they do and do a great job at it.” In the coming weeks the San Luis Fire Department will have a team of three ambulances. We spoke to first responders who say this will improve patient care, “Instead of waiting an extra 10 minutes for another ambulance on a third call we’ll have another ambulance there in 5 minutes”, says SLFD paramedic Luis Cabreros.

The new ambulances will be equipped with some of the latest technology as Cabreros explains, “They will raise the patient using battery power which is safer for the patient and will greatly lower injury to firefighters back injuries is the number one that they suffer”. De Anda says that the two fire departments will continue to look out for one another, “Our fire departments have always worked seamlessly together there is a high degree of respect between them and us and us and them this will be a great service to all residents in south county.”


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