San Luis opens Main Street following construction

SAN LUIS, Ariz. – City of San Luis officials say blocked off roadways on Main St. will be reopened Thursday night after nearly one year of rerouting calls. Public Works Director Eulogio Villegas said, “I want to thank everyone for hanging in there I know there were businesses affected one way or the other during construction.”

Arizona Department of transportation provided a majority of the roughly 12 million dollar plan. Cause for construction was to update storm drain systems and relieve traffic congestion in the downtown area, that store managers say negatively impacted business.

Before the project began both lanes on Main Street were used to get into and out of Mexico, but starting Thursday  the area will be strictly used for parking and shopping. Kids Club store manager Maria Romero said, “It’s a great change because before people driving in and out of Mexico wouldn’t have a place to park to do their shopping they would just pass through, so I hope what they’ve done will improve that.”
The new design will not only improve traffic flow but direction and aesthetics, with crosswalks and landscaping. “I’ve noticed the big changes, I think they’re going to be awesome,” said passerby Rick Anderson.
“It’s a great change, more decoration,something more organized for us pedestrians, it’s a way for us to cross more easily,” said pedestrian Ricardo Arce Figueroa.
San Luis police are on site to educate pedestrians on the updated crosswalk system. When all is said and done one of two roundabouts will welcome travellers with a freshly painted city logo.

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