San Luis pairs up with sister city against drunk driving

SAN LUIS, Ariz. – City of San Luis Rio Colorado and San Luis, Arizona officials met Tuesday night to discuss a new campaign called “Por Tu Vida”. That translates to “For Your Life”. Both groups plan to curb drunk drivers on both sides of the border. San Luis Council Member Maria Ramos said, “We work together on transportation, we work together with economic development and this is another branch for our cities to work together.”

San Luis officials are particularly concerned with the teen population who cross into Mexico, where they can legally drink, but then attempt to drive back across the border. Council Member Ramos says with graduation around the corner, this is the time to rally against this behavior.

“San Luis is being affected because they know it’s our teens crossing over to Mexico and we just want to prevent that, you know go ahead and cross into Mexico, party, but don’t drink and drive,” said Ramos.

San Luis police hope the “Por Tu Vida” initiative will curb DUI’s in the area. This year alone the city reports 177 drivers stopped were under the influence.

San Luis Police Officer, Alan Guevara, said, “It’s gonna help a lot it’s gonna be a benefit to the city and for the safety of the citizens. Hopefully it will lower the statistics for drunk driving and for accidents.”
Both cities plan to visit high schools in the coming months and put up banners to promote driving responsibly.

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