San Luis police officers terminated after losing appeals

SAN LUIS, Ariz. – Two high ranking San Luis police department employees have been dismissed, even after they appealed to keep their jobs. This is following the investigation where two San Luis police officers were fired when a public records request shed some light on the dismissal of a traffic citation.

News 11 spoke  to De La Hoya with San Luis to hear about their final decision for termination. The controversy sparked after Harper’s citation was cancelled before it could make it to court.

During a Yuma County sheriff’s office investigation into the matter, the police chief at the time Javier Arellano and Lieutenant Ernesto Lugo were both placed on administrative leave without pay.

San Luis director of operations Tadeo De La Hoya said, “They’re not with the police department effective Oct. 8, 2014.”

De La Hoya says this scandal came to light after a public records request. “Former Chief Arellano had his hearing in December and hearing office recommended upholding his termination provided to him and Jan. 14 uphold his termination. Mr. Lugo went through appeal process went through hearing process before hearing officer issued a response he withdrew his appeal and the termination became effective.

De la hoya says he can’t comment about the results of the internal investigation. “It has nothing to do with a series of events or something ongoing it was a one incident.”>

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