Scuba diving as a way to release some stress?

YUMA, Ariz.-  Shawn Foster of Arizona Scuba Shack says a great way to release some stress is to go scuba diving.

Before you plan a trip you need to be certified which you can easily do at Arizona Western College or Arizona Scuba Shack. The class will take on average three weekends and will cost you about $300 dollars.

Foster says, he starts off slow and at the end generally a trip to San Diego or Senators Wash is planned.

“We are in the pool and we have to do four dives for certification, so we usually go to San Diego and get away for the weekend and we get to see some life in San Diego,” said Foster.

The biggest reason Foster recommends scuba is the stress relieve.

“It’s also a great stress reliever with this busy life this day and age there is no cell phones, no kids. There is nothing under water that can really distract us from our everyday at work so we can just shut out everything at its finest,” said Foster.

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