Search continues for John Burkett

YUMA, Ariz. – Search and rescue teams comprised of both law enforcement and volunteers have spent countless hours searching for John Burkett, 56, who has been missing for more than two weeks.

“Nothing really panned out. We just kept searching and searching and I mean the police have been doing everything they can, they’ve tried everything,” said Burkett’s wife, Shelley Blunt-Burkett during her latest interview with ABC 5.

Burkett disappeared on the morning of June 25th when he was on his way to work, according to reports.

“Send us a sign John, we’re looking for you, we want to find you. You know if there is a problem here a crime or something, we want to know, just let us know,” said Larry Gilley, a close friend of Burkett.

Authorities say they’re working with other law enforcement agencies in their search and have logged 150 hours searching for Burkett.

“We did ask our counterparts at the federal side to look into the crossings – border crossings – we’ve also been tracking cell phones,” said Alfonso Zavala from the YCSO.

A Facebook group called “Help Us Find John Burkett,” has 1,117 members who are all working to find Burkett.

Though most of the posts are in support of Burkett, some have questioned whether his disappearance has something to do with his past. His wife confirmed Burkett has battled drug addiction in the past but says she believes he would never go back to that lifestyle.

“He spent days trying to show people that you don’t have to live that way.  You don’t have to let drug abuse take over your life; that would never have occurred to him to go back to that life ever,” said Blunt Burkett.

Burkett has several tattoos on his body.  It’s believed he was last driving a pink-camouflaged jeep with a breast cancer ribbon on the back in honor of a close friend who passed away from cancer.

Anyone with information about Burkett’s disappearance is asked to contact the YCSO or by calling 78-CRIME to remain anonymous.

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