Senator McCain goes for 6th term re-election

Senator McCain goes for 6th term re-election

Senator John McCain has announced that he will run for a 6th term in office. This will make it a nearly three decade career for McCain in the Senate.

One Yuma local says, “I mean I think that he’s been in long enough I believe that the Senator and Congressman all should have term limits. It gets old and repetitive having them go on again and again and again.”

McCain will be 80 years old by election day, but says he is in great shape and has much work to do in the Senate.

One Yuman adds, “He’s in relatively good health so I don’t think age has an issue with it.”

Don Shooter, Republican for Arizona District 17 says, “I think he’s in pretty good shape to take care of Arizona even though as a tea party person I am perhaps a little more conservative than he is but I think it’ll be difficult to dialogic and I think he’s in a position to do some good things in Arizona.

“He”s most definitely one hell of a smart man. He’s had one hell of a life. Going from Vietnam to being a POW to being the senator of Arizona one of the greatest states.”

Shooter says, it will be difficult to challenge senator McCain for anyone thinking of running against him.
Shooter adds, “Anyone who runs against him will have their work cut out for them. Because he can raise more money than anyone and that’s pretty tough to beat in politics.”


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