September 16th is Mexican Independence Day

Mexico celebrated its 205th anniversary of independence from Spain Wednesday. September 16th is a day where Mexicans gather to celebrate their country’s freedom from Spanish rule. It is a common misconception in the U.S. that Cinco De Mayo, May 5th is Mexican Independence Day, but September 16th is the real date of Mexican Independence. Traditionally they will celebrate by having parties, fireworks, food, music, parades and more. Decorations and Mexican flags can be seen everywhere on this day in Mexico. There’s more meaning to this day than just parties.

Yuma resident Ana Bahena said, “The President gives his speech and says ‘Viva Mexico’. As Mexicans our culture is very important to us, even though we live in the United States.”

Bahena was born in Mexico, but raised in the U.S. Bahena said, “We were raised in the United States since we were very little. Our independence day is 4th of July.”

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