Sex offenders no longer required to post signs on Halloween

CALIFORNIA – On Monday state attorney’s in California announced they would not enforce part of “Operation Boo” that required sex offender parolees to post a sign on Halloween saying they do not participate. This is following a federal lawsuit that claimed the requirement was unconstitutional. Operation Boo has been in place for 22 years, it also prohibits sex offender parolees from opening their front door to trick-or-treaters or decorating their homes during the holiday. Offenders are also required to remain inside their homes from 5:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. Those requirements have not been changed.

Arizona does not require sex offenders on parole to post a sign but they are not allowed to participate in the holiday, including decorating their homes or giving out candy. lists that there are 95 registered sex offenders living in Yuma. Some residents express concern for childrens safety during Halloween. Yuma resident Brad Dierdorf says that he would even like to see California’s sign requirement enforced and to even see it done in Yuma.

Lori Franklin with the Yuma Police Department says that there is always a risk when you take your family trick or treating on Halloween but there are ways to stay safe. Franklin says, “Stick to where you know, stick to neighborhoods you know are safe if you don’t know who’s there don’t go there”.

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