Sex trafficking awareness meeting held at Yuma Main Library

Sex trafficking awareness meeting held at Yuma Main Library

YUMA, Ariz. – The Healing Journey held a meeting this morning at the Yuma Main Library that touched base on human trafficking and all the suspects.

Executive Director and Founder Marisa Ugarte said, “We’re talking about sex trafficking, labor trafficking, pornography on the internet, child exploitation, organized crime. I touched all the basis what entails human trafficking.”

Ugarte says there are many ways one would be considered a victim.

“We’re looking for people to learn that it’s not only one way that people can be exploited. But there are many other ways that people can fall into the hands of predators whether that’s an international or domestic child,” Ugarte said.

The International Labor Organization says in the U.S. and worldwide there are 29.9 million people have been labor exploited.

Ugarte says raising awareness is the best way to help stop this problem.

“By awareness. Prevention awareness. Obviously intervention which means prosecution. The four P’s. Protection also is very important for the people who are being victims of human trafficking,” adds Ugarte.

Law enforcement agencies across Yuma are working together in order to tackle this problem.

Ugarte said, “I’ve heard great things and great news from the law enforcement perspective of how they all come together every single agency to fight for a common cause like human trafficking.”

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