Sheldahl named new Yuma Elementary School Dist. 1 Superintendent

YUMA, Ariz. – There’s a new Yuma Elementary School District 1 Superintendent.

James Sheldahl got elected and welcomed at a meeting Monday night.

Sheldahl said, “The real attractive things to me about Superintendent District 1 is that they’ve really taken some great strides towards 21st century learning in District 1.”

He talks about how well District 1 is already doing and mentions he doesn’t have a specific agenda, however, plans on making the school and students more innovative.

Sheldahl adds, “Creating incorporation of technology and a personalized learning approach that I think has been really setting their district on a good trajectory. The first thing I want to do is meet with people and assess how that’s going and the progress with the initiatives and see how we can go about supporting people to keep moving forward in that area.” 

Dr. Stiffler who was the previous superintendent also started in a new role.

“He actually was just named as the Superintendent in the Peoria Unified School District. Which is one of the top five districts in Arizona from an enrollment standpoint,” Sheldahl said.

He adds, “What I told the board last night in the meeting was the board of the district office is to support the principles and the teachers so we can have the work class learning in every classroom. We want to be able to support our schools.”

He wants to make sure teachers, parents, faculty and staff are all being taken care of throughout the school year.

“I know in my 29 years in Yuma I know parents have high hopes and aspirations for their children. We want to make sure that we are living up to our responsibility to provide them with top quality education. And that means to provide the teachers, administrators and staff with the support they need to work with students everyday,” Sheldahl added.

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