Sherrif Arpaio’s case was dismissed by federal appeals court

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s case was dismissed by a federals appeals court Friday. Arpaio challenged President Barack Obama’s executive actions on immigration. We reached out to the Mexican consulate in Phoenix about Arpaios’ battle against immigration.
Rodrigo Navarro with the Phoenix Mexican Consulate said, “We regret any declaration that doesn’t see the benefit of Mexican nationals to our community.”
The U.S. court of appeals stated Arpaio did not have the legal right, or standing to bring the challenge. Arpaio had complained that Obama’s deferred deportation program allowing up to five million immigrants to stay in the country would serve as a magnet for others to cross from Mexico into his jurisdiction in Maricopa County.
Lydia Guzman, Chicanos Por La Causa immigrant activist, “Because we didn’t have an immigration reform that was properly passed these people are in limbo and Obama was cornered into passing an executive order.” However Obama’s plans still remains on hold, because of a separate case in Texas, which halted Obama’s executive action. No decision has been issued yet.


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