Simmons leading district three race

YUMA, Ariz.- An upset in the race for Yuma County Board of Supervisors District Three as current supervisor and chairman Russ Clark is trailing behind Darren Simmons by about 400 votes, according to the latest official election results. Simmons is turning out to be the likely winner in this race.

Simmons, a former Yuma County Sheriff’s Office lieutenant, says he is content with the initial results. “Feeling better than last night. I guess it was first night jitters,” says Simmons. 

He says the next step is to continue campaigning leading up to the November general election. “We’ll still be out campaigning, still be out talking to the citizens and encouraging them to get out and vote in November,” Simmons said. Fixing the roads and maintaining them is at the top of Simmons’ list of things he would like to accomplish if elected.

Simmons has been in contact with Clark and says there is no bad blood between them. Simmons says Clark called him the morning after the election offering to help him in the future. “He contacted me this morning and we had a good talk,” says Simmons. “We both want to do a good transition and he offered to help with whatever we need to do to make sure it was smooth and whatever we have to do to make it the best interest for the citizens of the district and the county.”

We reached out to Clark for comment on the current election results but have not heard back. However, we did speak with him the day before the election and he says if he were to lose the seat, he will use the rest of his time as supervisor to help solve the problems in the district.

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