Slab City residents help police arrest alleged murder suspect

SLAB CITY, Calif. – They feared for their lives as bullets whizzed past them, said Slab City residents Cornelius Vango and her friend known as Caveman .

Police said 40 year-old Clayton Vincent Jones was arguing with a woman when Vango and Caveman tried to step in and break up the fight.
“We heard the guy daring the woman to shoot him,” Vango said. Vango says the woman took a gun from Jones and shot into the ground.

The witness said Jones saw her and the friend approaching. Jones turned his aggression on them. “He went to the side of his vehicle and pulled out a rifle and pointed it at Caveman,” Vango said.

Then, she says, Jones fired at them. “We heard a shot and it whistled right in between us. He fired two more times after that as we were running up the hill and taking cover,” Vango said.
At that point Vango called police. “Meanwhile he’s getting in his vehicle and driving away,” Vango said. Vango got into her van and chased him down while still on the phone with dispatch. Her friend Caveman went down the hill to see if the woman was alright. But it was too late. They said the woman was lying on the ground – lifeless. “I saw her face and her little dog was cowering in her lap and I could tell she was already dead,” Caveman said.

Vango told police where Jones was going. “They were able to intercept him before he made it out of slab city,” Vango said. Vango says she doesn’t regret helping put the man behind bars. She says Jones could have possibly hurt more people. “People like that – they’re not going to stop doing it after one time,” Vango said.


Jones was placed under arrest Friday and booked into the Imperial County Jail. Charges were filed on Jones for First Degree Murder, two counts of attempted murder, and being a Felon in Possession of a Firearm. Bail is set at $1 million.

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