Small AZ town has no water for nearly five days


CITRUS PARK, Ariz. – A small town south of Tacna has been without water for nearly five days.

On Friday, the water well that supplies water to 28 homes in Citrus Park broke, forcing residents to travel to Tacna to get water to drink, shower and restroom use. Today Yuma County Supervisor Russ Clark and Arizona Corporations Commissioner Andy Tobin visited the well with engineers to figure out how to solve the problem.

We have health issues with no water,” said Commissioner Tobin.

Engineers were able to install a second pump for water that was activated today so residents could get some water.

Supervisor Clark says, “It’s very low volume not enough to take a shower but there will be a trickle of water.”

However, the water at Citrus Park is contaminated with high levels of arsenic.

“It’s not drinkable,” says Clark.

Another impending issue is the water well in Tacna, where Citrus Park residents are getting water, is on the verge of breaking as well.

“They need help too because their system is on the verge of breaking,” said Clark.

If broken it will cause a water shortage for almost 500 residents.

“We are out here talking to the entire area and we would like to do something countywide to make sure we can possibly build a district here to take care of these residents long term,” says Clark.

The next step is to create another well in the area to supply the water but Tobin says it will cost about $25,000 to get the well installed and as of right now there is no money to do so,

“Everyone realizes we are going to have to do this together,” says Tobin.

After the Citrus Park water is back running in full, Tacna is next for maintenance.

“They have a tank that needs to be replaced,” says Clark. 

The Red Cross and National Guard have been alerted to the current water shortage and Tobin is trying to get them to come down and supply water in the meantime.

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