Social media message puts Calexico H.S. on lockdown

CALEXICO, Calif. – A social media message on a student’s cell phone that appeared suspicious to staff had Calexico High School on lock down Wednesday morning, according to the Calexico Police Department. “We received a radio call of a potential student who might be involved in some sort of shooting,” Calexico Police Officer Manuel Ceja said.

Police and U.S. Border Patrol responded by putting two other schools on lock down surrounding the area. The student who owned the cellphone was then contacted by police. “He was searched along with his belongings and it was determined that there was no weapon or threat,” Ceja said.

The suspicious message turned out to be his profile name on social media. “And the profile name the word shooting was on that student’s profile as his user name,” Ceja said.

There was no threat but according to police the staff did the right thing in reporting it. “Obligated to do for the safety of the students, the staff, and the facility,” Ceja said.

Calexico educator and parent Bill Hodge calls it a frightening incident. “There are no words to describe how frightening and the high level of anxiety that a parent would have,” Hodge said.

Hodge says the city needs to be ready in case of another threat. “We need to continue to do drills and practice as we have,” Hodge said.

He approves of staff reporting the social media message. “The teachers have been taught to take it seriously and to make the children realize how serious it is,” Hodge said.

Hodge said the city needs more police officers to be ready for such incidents. “We do not have an adequate police force right now,” Hodge said.

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