Somerton business owner raffles off restaurant for $100

SOMERTON, Ariz. – Roman Cervantes is moving out of Somerton with his family and has to say goodbye to their life’s work, the Taqueria El Amigo restaurant. “It’s sad because it’s my wife’s dream to have this restaurant but now we have to make a move,” said Cervantes.

But Cervantes is making what could be a painful experience into something exciting, with a unique way to part with the place, a raffle. For one-hundred-dollars a ticket the winner could become the owner of the property on Main Street in the heart of Somerton. Cervantes says business in the growing city is great, they just no longer need the responsibility. He valued the taqueria at $300,000, building and land included as it’s been paid off. Cervantes says he’s done the work for you, now all you have to do to make your dream come true is buy a raffle ticket for the one-hundred-dollars and it’s yours! No catch.

“You put all you have in your hands, the money your time, and you have to work hard to build this, and now somebody is coming with a hundred dollars, and he can be the owner. and he can be the owner for only a hundred dollars, this is real,” said Cervantes.
Cervantes has one condition, to sell 3,000 raffle tickets by this New Year’s Eve. The winner can continue to run the place as a restaurant, convert it into an office space, or just rent it out. You can buy your ticket at Taqueria El Amigo on 346 W. Main St. in Somerton or call (928) 257-0753. If 3,000 tickets aren’t sold by then, Cervantes vows to return the money collected to buyers.

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