Somerton Police investigate shooting on Main Street

SOMERTON, Ariz.- Somerton police are asking for the community’s help in piecing together Tuesday’s shooting on Main Street.

On Tuesday afternoon just before 2 p.m., Police say they received several 9-1-1 calls of shots being fired in a walkway next to the Regional Center for Border Health. When police arrived, they found a wounded man. Today eye-witness accounts as to the suspects’ identities remain unclear.

“What I would like to ask from the public is if you were there in the area … Heard or saw anyhing call Somerton Police Department,” said Police Chief Benjamin Cotman.

A witness on the day of the shooting says he heard gun shots and then saw two young men, about 17 or 18, running out of the walkway next to the walk-in clinic. He says one man was shot and had blood on his left shoulder while the other one helped carry him to a nearby bench.

Following the attack, neighboring and federal law enforcement agencies also responded to assist with the investigation. Officials say a light colored pick-up truck was a vehicle of interest at that point.

“If that information was sent out, it was only sent out immediately because they believe the suspects may be in that vehicle. As of this point, it would be too late to still be looking for that same vehicle,” said Police Chief Cotman.

Police say the victim’s exact condition is unknown but they believe he has been released from the hospital. It’s unclear if the incident is gang related but investigators are looking into the possibility.

Police say the suspects in Tuesday’s shooting may be linked to another incident from Monday. Those suspects have been arrested but their connection to Tuesday’s shooting remains unclear.


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