Southwest Arizona Futures Forum sets water goals for Yuma County

Southwest Arizona Futures Forum sets water goals for Yuma County

YUMA, Ariz- You’ve heard people talking about the concern for water especially this year because of what’s happening in Central California. The Southwest Arizona Futures Forum decided to have a meeting to discuss water and what it means to Yuma County.

Yuma is highly dependent on water for our agriculture, jobs and the other areas where they help provide the world with food. One SAFF staff member says the meeting was a success.

Bob Sloncen said, “We were able to get many of the top water people from Arizona to come down also our local people that are involved in water and we’re very fortunate we’ve had 100 people from the community today that came and showed up. We’re willing to sacrifice their day and discuss and sacrifice their day to learn more about the water issues and what’s important to Yuma County.”

There were six groups broken up anywhere from 12 to 16 in a group and there was also a facilitator and a recorder. During the discussion they jotted down any questions or concerns they might have. At the end of the meeting they’ll be creating a report that will be published today to review all the details of how to conserve our water.

Sloncen adds, “Without the water it’s very likely we wouldn’t have the military bases it’s very likely we wouldn’t have the vast winter visitors that we have it’s just the life blood of Yuma County.”

Bob says if we talk about marketing and education those are two topics that would help a great deal in order to march forward from todays session.

Sloncen said, “We need to do a better marketing job of selling the importance of agriculture and how efficient it was compared to lets say 10-15 years ago. So the farmers are doing their part to save water and we as a community are probably not doing as well as a job that we could.


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