Southwest Arizona Futures Forum to discuss water conservation

Southwest Arizona Futures Forum to discuss water conservation

YUMA, Ariz-  This Friday over 100 of the Desert Southwest’s top community leaders will discuss water and how the community can continue to protect our resources in order to be one of the top food suppliers.

Yuma is highly dependent on water for our agriculture, jobs and other areas where they help provide the world with food. Headington believes this is a very timely topic since a lot of areas are currently suffering from a drought.

Machele Headington, Co-chair Staff and Community Volunteer for Southwest Arizona Futures Forum says, “As the rest of the nation there are many other states that are struggling with water and actually much parts of Arizona who’re struggling with the availability of water. We’ve had so many years of drought that people are looking from other communities to find another source for water.”

Headington says we cant always assume we’re going to have water so it’s time to take the necessary steps in order to stay smart about water usage. The competition for water resources from urban areas is only expected to increase in the upcoming years.

Headington adds, “The goal that day really is to have discussion and dialogue to help the people who attend and those in the community who read about it later to understand the value of water in this region, what the laws actually entail and how we can as a community preserve our water for the future.”


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