Statewide domestic violence advocates met at Amberly’s Place Thursday

YUMA, Ariz. – Domestic violence advocates from all over the state of Arizona met in Yuma for the first time ever for their quarterly meeting.

Amberly’s Place hosted the meeting at their brand new center Thursday. The Executive Director, Diane Umphress, said they didn’t have room at the old facility, but the new facility has plenty of room.

Umphress said, “We are so excited to welcome our victims and know they’re valued, cared about.”

In Arizona there are 18 advocacy centers, all the directors of the advocacy centers got together to network and share resources. They meet four times a year to do trainings, share problems and solutions.

Kathy Mclaughlin, Executive Director of Arizona Child and Family Advocacy Center said, “My first impression is everybody is going to be jealous; so many of the advocacy centers need to expand and need more resources and you’ve done it.”

The interview and play rooms were sponsored by people in Yuma.

Umphress said, “They’re the ones that stepped up; every room has a sponsor tag on it. We need the victims in this community to know their community cares about them and believes in them, that sponsor shows this community cares about you. You’re safe reporting abuse because your community cares about you.”

Umphress says because of the community they are able to show victims they are valued and they have enough room to grow and expand.

Umphress said, “The design of the building was designed by Amberly’s Place, we looked at other advocacy centers to see what worked best, what was good, what they needed and tried to create what was best for Yuma County.”

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