Staying protected from door-to-door salesmen

YUMA, Ariz.- Over the past weekend Winter Garden a retirement community in Yuma had several complaints with a door to door sales team. Residents say a team of salesmen would knock on their door and ask suspicious questions. Carol Jones felt she was targeted because she was a senior citizen and became very concerned when the salesman asked her questions. Jones said they asked, “‘Do you believe in neighborhood watch’ and I said, Yes, I do.”

Jones said that the salesman continued to ask her if she would call the police if something were to happen Jones responded, Yes would. It was after several complaints in the neighborhood a group of people in neighborhood watch stopped the salesman.

Stephen Wolfe serves on the board for the park and he says that several other parks as well were being what he says, “targeted” that’s when a group of residents call Yuma Police Department and reported the suspicious activity.  Wolfe also says they were the only park that had the complaints, “They found them out on the street and they were having trouble with the other parks that day also, so this group of people I don’t know how many there were is what they were trying to do.”

Yuma Police Department officials say, “Ask for the name of the person and asks for an employee number of who they work for” officials also suggest to Google the name of the company and the number provided by the salesman.

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