Steve Montenegro visits Yuma

From Yuma Regional Medical Center to Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona representative Steve Montenegro got a VIP tour of Yuma Thursday to better represent our community.

Arizona representative Steve Montenegro said, “It is amazing every time I get a chance to connect with different people; small business owners, from Yuma Regional Medical Center to Wellton, as well meeting with different teachers, superintendents, making sure we are represented correctly.”

As part of his Yuma tour, Montenegro went to Yuma Proving Ground and got to ride in a M1 A2 Abrahams main battle tank, a vehicle under test.

Montenegro said, “It is an amazing experience, its really neat to know that this type of operation is right here in Yuma, not just a strong economic driver, but it is also something that is having a global impact cold regions arid regions. A lot of the research comes out of this facility that keeps our men and women safe and a huge part of Yuma of our community here in Yuma.”

Montenegro recently announced that he wants to run for senate. State Senator Don Shooter will be running for a district 13 house of representatives seat rather than the senate chair, so Montenegro can run for his senate seat. “I believe with all my heart in what I am doing, representing our values, representing our folks here in Yuma and I think we can continue to do that in the senate.” Montenegro says it was a pleasure meeting with the people who are the backbone of our economy.

“We have been a strong voice for Yuma for our district and our community throughout the county throughout the city, we are continue to stand strong for them represent them with every once that we have. We have been fighting for yuma whether its agriculture or water,” Montenegro said.

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