Study: Gender wage gap is costing Arizona women billions of dollars

YUMA, Ariz. – A study released on Equal Pay Day says Arizona women are only making 84 cents for every dollar a man makes.

The study was done by the National Partnership of Women and Families. In the study it says the wage gap between Arizona men and women is nearly six billion dollars. According to the study the average yearly wage for Arizona women is $36,916 and for men it is $43,945 which is a difference of a little more than $7,000 every year.

Women of color are receiving less money according to the study. African-American women in Arizona earn 67 cents for every dollar and Latina’s earn 54 cents for every dollar.

John Morales the Executive Director for Arizona@Work says it is a variety of factors to why there is a wage gap in Yuma. He says education and a lack of paying jobs are the two main factors, but says he thinks discrimination still plays a role.

“We still have the mindset, in some places, that the man is the person who has to earn the funding, and the woman has to stay home and take care of the children,” said Morales.

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