Subway spokesman pleads guilty to federal charges, Yuma residents outraged

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Jared Fogel plead guilty to allegation of having sex with minors and having child pornography. Fogel has been the spokesman for Subway for over a decade, after he lost hundreds of pounds for eating at the fast food chain. He is now facing 5 to 13 years in prison after accepting a plea agreement, part of that agreement is he must register as a sex offender, join a program that help treat sexual disorders and pay all 14 victims $100,000 in restitution. U.S. attorney John Micklen says,  “This is about using wealth, status and secrecy to illegally exploit children”.

Some residents in Yuma say that the actions of Fogle will not stop them from eating at Subway but say they are outraged and disgusted.  One resident we spoke to says “Anyone that molests a child needs to spend the rest of their life in jail” another resident told us, “Depending on how many victims i think 10 to 15 is what he deserves” . Some residents feel that the $100,000 being paid to each victim is actually insulting, as Jim Schiller expresses “He’s going to pay each victim $100,000 it’s like a slap in the face”.

Subway released a statement saying, “we no longer have a relationship with Jared and have no further comment.” Fogle’s wife Katie says she is shocked and is seeking a divorce.

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