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EL CENTRO, Calif.- An Imperial Valley clothing designer caters just to cancer patients. His life goal was to put his twenty years experience in the fashion industry to us, and what better way to do it than to serve those who are fighting cancer. Survivor Wear garments are designed specifically for people battling cancer. The clothing line started only 11 months ago, and already is in big demand. Raymundo Valenzuela, volunteer and designer of Survivor Wear. He says he saw the need for comfortable clothing among cancer patients after spending a lot of his time around them.

“The reason I came around was because I myself had an injury I had necrosis in my hips so I was spending a lot of time in clinics.” said Valenzuela.

After some research he came across Cancer Resource Center of the Desert in El Centro. Valenzuela reached out to Diana Peacher Co-Founder and CEO of the center and pitched his idea of a clothing line.

“We immediately saw that there would be benefit to our cancer patients with this additional intervention” said Peacher.

Cancer Resource Center of the Desert opened doors September, 2006. They have served over nineteen-hundred patients of all ages in the Imperial Valley. They offer all services needed at no cost for patients and their families. Such as; translators, transportation, social workers, counseling and moral support. Peacher says it is important to provide a sense of security.

“To feel whole again for you to adjust to this new normal that you are now wearing.” said Peacher.

Valenzuela started with only scarves and headbands and now creates all sorts of custom clothing for those dealing with the long or short-term side effects of treatment. He says each piece has a story. The clothing items name’s take after the patient it was created for.

“It is a garment but it is more of a place it is a cocoon it is something that I do for them and I see what it does” said Valenzuela.

Cancer survivors volunteer with making the clothing. Valenzuela says donations come from all over the county and include everything needed to make Survivor Wear. Anyone can make their a donation by stopping by the Cancer Resource Center of the Desert in El Centro.

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