Teen driver crashes increase during summer

YUMA, Ariz.-

A new report by AAA says teen drivers cause an average of 10 crashes a day during the summer and have a higher chance of death on the road.

In the study it says an average of 1,022 people die each year in crashes involving teen drivers and in the summer the number of crashes increases by 16 percent. Valerie Vinyard with AAA Arizona says, “Summer especially is deadly for teens because most teens are out of school, they have a lot more time to do their own thing and as a result they are more likely to be on our roadways.” 

Vinyard says car crashes are the leading cause of teen death, “Motor vehicle crashes kill more teens than drugs, alcohol and suicide combined.” Sergeant Lori Franklin with the Yuma Police Department says distracted driving is the biggest factor for teen crashes, “it takes is a second to take your eyes off the windshield so there are a lot of different things out there.”

The report says nearly 12 percent of crashes were caused by cell phones and almost 15 percent is caused by being distracted by passengers. However Vinyard says it could be something as simple as taking your eyes off the road, “looking down for two seconds doubles your chances of having a crash.”





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