Texting laws becoming stricter in Yuma city limits

Texting laws becoming stricter in Yuma city limits

YUMA, Az- The Hands Free Policy is now getting a little stricter here in Yuma.

The city code prohibiting the use of cell phones while driving went into effect in December of last year. During the first 30 days the Yuma Police Department did not issue any tickets for the offence, only verbal warnings.

Now the Yuma Police Department will be giving written warnings if they see you on your cell phone while driving.
PIO with the Yuma Police Department, Lori Franklin said, “Starting January 9th to February 9th there’s been a written warning unless you’re involved in the accident and that was the cause of the accident then you get stated for that the 250 dollar fine. Starting February 9th citations for your hand held device and a 100 fine for getting caught with it and 250 for accidents.”

So far, Franklin says they’ve stopped more than 100 drivers for breaking the Hands Free Policy.
Franklin adds, “Our records a 146 actual traffic stops for that violation have been done but that doesn’t mean that’s the only one that people have been talked to about. There’s been many times the traffic unit has been on accidents and other things and have made comments to them.”

Franklin said the community has been understanding of the policy and are aware of the soon to come citations.
She adds, “They’ve been positive about it. Usually everybody that’s been stopped is like yeah I know, I know. I think it’s just been a habit that people are use to for so long that they’re just going to have to get out of it.”

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