The fight for Johnny isn’t over

Known for his energy, and fierce spirit 14-year-old Johnny Weathersby fought til the end, Friday night at Gila Ridge High school friends and family celebrated his life.

Johnny battled osteosarcoma bone cancer since May 2014. In an official Facebook page called “Fight for Johnny,” a post read, “Our sweet boy is in heaven, he fought until the end and is now an angel.”

Johnny inspired his community to rally behind his inspiring two-year fight against cancer.

Johnny’s Uncle Brandon Treat said, “I spent a lot of weekends with him he was like my sidekick.”

Weathersby was worried about the medical bills and that’s how the fight for Johnny began.

Treat said, “He put himself last, he was always worried about everyone else before him, no matter what it was he always put others first. He was happy he had the best heart out of anyone I know.”

Treat says Johnny is a part of my heart, I will never let that go.

Yuma helped to fulfill all of Johnny’s dreams before he passed, including Gila Ridge Junior Palmer Wilkinson, who helped fulfill Johnny’s dream to ride his dirt bike with professional riders.

Wilkinson said the first time they met Johnny just approached him and they talked for hours, he just approached Palmer and started asking him about his dirt bike.

Wilkinson said, “If you knew him you knew he had cancer, but if you didn’t know him, you’d think he was a regular kid walking down the street.
I’m praying for him, the fight for Johnny isn’t over.”

Kristan Sheppeard said his family would want me to say how incredibly grateful they are for Yuma and beyond.

Wilkinson said, “Never take life for granted. You’re only on earth for a little while.”

Treat said, “I think his life affected millions not just Yuma people were posting in China and Europe.”

Treat reminds us to fight for Johnny always.

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