The ICE Academy: students learn how to be police officers

Yuma Union High School District, Arizona Western College and Yuma Police Department collaborated to host a Summer Law Enforcement Academy.

Officers will put the students through a six day crash course on topics such as crime scene management, history of law enforcement, handcuffing and use of force through the ICE (Industrial Cooperative Education Program) Academy.

Cibola High School Senior Giselle Gutierrez Neblina said, “I feel like it’s a big leeway to what I want to do later in life.”

Ben Olivas, Yuma Police Department’s School Resource Officer said, “We teach them everything there is to know about becoming a police officer, handle all the situations and do everything, domestic violence calls, burglary in progress, suspicious people.”

The ICE Academy is as close to becoming a real life police officer as it gets. They put the students through scenarios that police officers would go to on any given day.

Neblina said, “In the training, we got to know some of the stuff they do, like jumping the fence .

Olivas said, “They learn police officer functions, go to a domestic violence call, the student is trained to handle that just as a police officer would.”

It gives students real hands on experience to see if they want to pursue law enforcement in the future.

Neblina said she wants to be a detention officer, then border patrol and,”SWAT like Olivas.”

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