Threat to Harvest Prep places school on lockdown

YUMA, Ariz. – A threat to Harvest Preparatory Academy’s support staff caused the campus to be locked down Thursday morning.

Sergeant Lori Franklin said, “An indirect threat, a statement that was made that wasn’t exactly threatening but could have been taken in a threatening manner. Due to that threat, they decided to lock down the school.”

Yuma Police Department (YPD) arrived on scene immediately to locate the suspect and parents were notified.

One parent said, “I was very worried, calling around seeing if I could do anything.”

YPD stayed on campus all day to keep the students and staff safe. “Just a precautionary measure, Harvest Prep felt the need to lock down the school. The police were hanging out all day there, just in case the guy decides to show up.”

People weren’t allowed to come in and parents couldn’t pick up their kids until school was over.

Sebastian, who is a student said, “We pretty much had a lock down, we had a situation that is under control.”

Another staff member said, “One of my coworkers found out that there was a threat to an administrator, I don’t know how true that is. As far as I know they handled it pretty well, the cops are still here so that’s a good sign right there.”

Franklin said they supported the school’s decision to go on lock down, “Us as law enforcement, if you perceive it as a threat we’re going to take it seriously.”

YPD is still looking for the suspect and at this time still hasn’t located him.

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