Tips on how to prevent house fires

Tips on how to prevent house fires

YUMA, Ariz- In Yuma alone there have been several house fires this year. We spoke with the Yuma Fire Department to give us some helpful tips on how to stay safe and prevent house fires.

Yuma Fire Department Fire Marshal, Kayla Holiman said, “The number one place that fire occur in the home is in the kitchen. And the number one reason is unattended cooking. So one of the first safety tips I can give somebody is to watch what they heat and always stay in the kitchen when they have the stove or oven on.”


Holiman wants to remind parents to keep the fire tools out of sight around children.
Holiman said, “Keep any fire starting tools out of the reach of children. Kids know where you keep the mattress and lighters and they’re not afraid to watch you use them and try to replicate what you do.”



Candles are also on top of the list when it comes to house fires. A candle is an open flame which means it can easily ignite anything that can burn.



Holiman adds, “Don’t light candles stay on if you’re not in the room with them. If you do use candles that you can make sure there’s nothing around them or can burn. A lot of times we see curtains catch on fire in the bathroom because of a candle or in the kitchens.”


Holiman said holidays is the most popular time of year where they receive house fire calls.



“We see more fires probably around the holidays because of the decorations and people are gathering there’s more cooking going on. but its not a reason to be accidental about the fire. People should respect it and plan escape routes for their families and have working smoke alarms” Holiman said.


When there is a fire smoke travels fast. Working smoke alarms give you an early warning so you can get outside quickly.
Holiman adds, “We all all where our seat belts on every time we get in our car, well we should because seat belts save lives and those smoke alarms are just as important they save lives.”



The Yuma Fire Department suggests that you draw out a home escape plan and map out your house showing all doors and windows while you practice a fire drill scenario with your family.

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