Truck drivers, consumers affected by I-10 closure

YUMA, Ariz. – Time is money, and the couldn’t ring more true for truck drivers.  “If you’re not rolling, you’re not making money,” said company truck driver Debbie Jones.

This especially after they’ve had to reroute for hundreds of miles, after a bridge on the interstate 10 near Indio collapsed from heavy rain Sunday afternoon. “We go from Phoenix to Desert Center obviously we can’t get there to meet my LA driver. It’s adding probably an extra two hours to my commute,” said Jones.

Department of Public Safety Officials estimate some drivers commuting between Arizona and California could experience up to three hours of a delay, as they’re forced to take alternate highways. To add to the stress, truckers can legally only drive 11 hours a day, and with the added time their pay is compromised.

Truck driver Mark Luna said, “Well I’m driving more miles but I’m still getting paid the same amount to drive a hundred miles out of my way, so I need them to get that bridge up as soon as they can.”
“That extra time adds into that day then I’m shut down for the two hours I could have been getting paid,” said jones.
Arizona Trucking Association CEO Tony Bradley says the I-10 closure will not only affect their commute but the pockets of consumers, as it takes them longer to get to their destination. “As the situation continues we might see changes in the cost of goods, everyday goods as simple as bread, water, milk medicine, anything and everything a truck can deliver,” said Bradley.
California Department of Transportation officials say one lane in each direction of the I-10 will reopen Friday at noon.

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