Trump’s immigration views create mixed reactions

YUMA, Ariz .- Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump’s views on immigration have some mixed reviews. Many locals support him, while others are concerned with what they’re calling cutthroat claims.

Yuma County Supervisor Tony Reyes said, “Trump could be a good business person, but it doesn’t make him a good politician. What’s happening right now is that he is tapping into fear and tapping into angry, and that’s not a real good way to create policy.”

Trump has called for more border fencing and the elimination of the 14th Amendment’s guarantee of automatic citizenship for the U.S. born children of undocumented immigrants.

Reyes said, “I think most of those business people are reacting, they have basically put their livelihood on the lines in terms of creating economic development. Now they’re seeing someone who is blatantly saying something like, ‘I’ll shut the border down, or I’ll force Mexico to pay for a fence, if they don’t do what I say, I’m going to stop trading with them.’ That’s irresponsible. They’re just ignorant statements.”

Reyes says immigration has more angles than most people understand, but at the end of the day this country was built on immigration.

We spoke to the general manager of JV Farms in Yuma, Matt McGuire, who says they employ up to 1,000 H2A workers during the harvest season. Ten to 15 years ago workers didn’t need documentation, but now they have to be documented and e-verified.

McGuire said, “Legal documented immigration workers, we use a lot of them, there’s no doubt about it. This industry would fail if we didn’t have those workers.

McGuire says there is a lot of money spent in our economy from the people who cross over from Mexico daily.

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