Two in Yuma County treated for salmonella outbreak

YUMA, Ariz. – Andrew and Williamson Fresh Produce based out of San Diego voluntarily recalled their limited edition pole grown cucumbers this Labor Day weekend. The FDA approached the company with evidence from 27 state health departments linking 285 cases of the food borne illness to their cucumbers. In California 53 cases were reported including one death, none so far in Imperial County. In Arizona 60 cases with two people treated in Yuma County.

A&W partner David Murray said, “Our thoughts and prayers go out to anyone who was involved in this illness. And we want to let it be known  that we’re going to do everything we need to do to make sure that we’re responding to the issue appropriately.”
Murray adds this is the first time in the ten years he’s worked with the company that a voluntary recall linked to a foodborne illness has been made. The company is still searching for the root cause of the salmonella outbreak. Including at the Rancho Don Juanito in Baja California where the cucumbers were grown.  “A lot of the produce in U.S. grocery stores today comes from Mexico and our company A & W made a commitment a long time ago to ensure that the food safety operations in Mexico would be on par with those down in California,” 
All Andrew and Williamson Fresh Produce consumers have been notified. Red Lobster said they did carry the cucumbers in the Yuma location on one menu item at an ounce portion and have discontinued since Friday’s recall.  Walmart said they immediately notified their stores to pull the product. They are offering a full refund to those that believe to be affected. Click here for a full list of the consumers who carried the product.

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