Two men shot Friday morning at Knight’s Inn

Early Friday morning multiple shots were fired in the parking lot of Knight’s Inn.
Yuma Police Department’s Public Information Officer Joe Franklin said, “We responded to the Knight’s Inn where two male victims had gun shot wounds.
A guest at the Knight’s Inn alerted the front desk clerk to the sounds of gun shots fired.
Knight’s Inn Front Desk Clerk Ramiro Figueroa said, “I guess it was two guys who came here and drove through. Someone got shot and that’s when police showed up.”
Figueroa was off duty when it happened and says in the time he has worked there, he hasn’t seen anything like this.
Figueroa said, “Usually we keep an eye on security cameras, and we only have to tell people to quiet down, but nothing like this.”
Figueroa doesn’t think these two men were guests of the motel.
Franklin said, “We take gun shot wounds very seriously, they were transported to YRMC, and we don’t know the status of their condition.”

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