U.S. Marshals’ search for one of Yuma’s Most Wanted; arrest another wanted man

One neighbor says, “There are people serving warrants every now and again, but it’s not really anything, today was pretty extreme. They had full tactical gear the whole nine yards.”

U.S. Marshals, Probation officers and Yuma Police surrounded Brookhurst Apartment earlier Friday. They were in search of one of Yuma’s Most Wanted. They didn’t find them, but instead found another man with a warrant out for his arrest.

A Yuma Police Sergeant said, “As far as we know, hes been looked at for assault per domestic and a stolen vehicle.”

Neighbors in the area say police activity is common in this neighborhood with this building in particular, but in general its a safe place to live.

Authorities circled the apartment off Avenue ‘A’ and 20th Place for hours as the man barricaded himself and refused to come out.

The YPD Sergeant we spoke to said the man was detained inside the residence about an hours worth of calling out.

When the U.S. Marshals got a tip that there might have been a subject sighting of one of Yuma’s Most Wanted they asked Yuma Police Department to assist.

YPD Sergeant said, “With the conglomeration of law enforcement, it provides the community the safest way to get to a subject without incurring any casualties or damages on top of that.”

Yuma Police couldn’t disclose any more information than what we have as of now as they were only there to assist.

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