U.S. Senator Jeff Flake pays a visit to the Desert Southwest

U.S. Senator Jeff Flake pays a visit to the Desert Southwest

YUMA, AZ- U.S. Senator Jeff Flake pays a visit to the Desert Southwest where he touches base on several controversial issues.

Yuma county officials attended the meeting including Sheriff Leon Wilmot where he says he’s looking forward to discuss some of the challenges those that are in law enforcement are currently facing.

Wilmot said, “One of the things that we typically discuss with him is how some of these federal grants impact are operations or the lack of the federal government doing certain things like prosecuting criminals.”

Senator Flake’s first stop was at the Yuma proving grounds which is says is a major asset to our nation.

U.S. Senator Jeff Flake said, “What it does to our nation in terms of national security…you know the testing and training that goes in there is just invaluable. and there’s no way to replicate and replace this kind of asset anywhere else in the country.”

He also toured the border with Homeland Security to get a first hand look at their efforts to secure the border. When talking about Yuma’s agricultural needs and water issues Senator Flake mentions that they’ve worked for many years to make sure that Arizona doesn’t get into a crisis mode like California is with their drought situation.

Senator Flake adds, “When you’re in the midst of a long term drought we’re going to have to make adjustments. One we need to make sure that every drop that falls in Arizona is utilized so we need to take a lot better care of our water sheds particularly in Northern Arizona.”

Senator Flake also mentioned that they’re still working on getting the proper care of veterans.

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