Underage drinking is on the decline

According to the Center for Disease Control, underage draining cost the citizens of Arizona 1.3 billion dollars, which includes emergency response, medical costs and missed work.

For children in high school, 63 percent of teens say they had drank alcohol before.

A 20-year-old said, “In Yuma, there’s not that many things to do.”

Twenty percent of teens say they had their first drink before the age of 13.

A 19-year-old teen said, “My parents, when I saw them drinking, I wanted to try it and it was nasty.”

But, why is teen drinking becoming the norm?

A 20-year-old said, “Teens feel like that’s their thing to do.”

A 19-year-old teen said, “We go out to get drunk and do dumb stuff, because we think it’s fun.”

Madd.org say that the risks involved in underage drinking can lead to addiction, injury and even death.

Rick Diaz, Arizona Counseling and Treatment Services Clinical Administrative Director said, “Most of the time when we are working with adolescents, they haven’t experienced negative consequences, but it’s moving in the direction.”

Arizona Counseling and Treatment Services want teens with substance abuse problems to know there is hope for them.

Diaz says that it’s not that the teens with substance abuse issues don’t want help, but they don’t believe they can get the help they need.

According to Cruz Vidal with the Yuma Police Department, “There have been 17 teen arrests made in the past year associated with alcohol.”

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